Inter, Conte always talks about the transfer market: “Lukaku and quality changes? I did well to insist with society … “

Inter, Conte parla sempre di calciomercato: "Lukaku e cambi di qualità? Ho fatto bene ad insistere con la società..."

The victory against Udinese is the triumph of Antonio Conte: "I was right, Inter needed important purchases on the transfer market" (photo Ansa)

UDINE – Antonio Conte in triumph after the success of Inter on the Udinese field with a brace by Lukaku. His changes and the brace of the Belgian center forward made the difference tonight. The Nerazzurri coach took his revenge on Sky Sport's microphones: “Talk about Lukaku and the quality changes, evidently he was right to insist with the company. We need these champions to aim high … ".

Udinese – Inter, Antonio Conte: "Eriksen needs time …".

The statements made by Antonio Conte to Sky Sport after Udinese-Inter 0-2: "Didn't Eriksen shine? He arrived five days ago, I had to put him on the pitch because we had so many injured players. It has yet to enter my patterns but has great personality and quality. He just has to find the best pace but I'm very satisfied with his performance. I had given Eriksen specific tasks in the possession phase and in the non-possession phase but I do not want to reveal them on television, I want to keep them for myself …

Today was not a simple game. Udinese also created problems for us in San Siro. They are a very physical team, leg but Eriksen played a good game. We did the game, they closed and acted in the restart. But almost everyone does this against us … They perch and try to start again, so it is not easy to win but we have added quality to the squad and this has been seen.

I have not liked the last ten minutes because we have closed too much, we must understand that the best defense is the attack. Lukaku has important qualities and today was not even his best games. He can do much better. It is a crucial game that has integrated very well in the locker room. I can not speak well, I did well to insist with the company to arrive …

Handanovic had a finger problem and therefore didn't play. I can't tell you if he will recover for the derby. There are seven days, but you have to talk to the medical staff about these things. I can say that I am satisfied with Padelli's performance today, a truly reliable goalkeeper who made himself ready in a difficult moment.

A team like Inter must have important changes also on the bench. So I'm happy with what happened today. We played with two young players like Bastoni and Esposito, we are also working in the future … I am happy that those who entered were able to do well. The changes were important and I was good at making them at the right time. "

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