Inter-Cagliari: Conte attacks the referee, then leaves San Siro without speaking

Inter-Cagliari: Conte aggredisce l'arbitro, poi lascia San Siro senza parlare

Inter-Cagliari ends 1-1, Antonio Conte and the rest of the bench are thrown against the referee (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Final fire in San Siro. After the draw in Lecce, Inter also drew against Cagliari, losing further ground in the league title. In the end, referee Manganiello sent Lautaro Martinez out for protests. This decision did not go down to Conte and the rest of the bench because at that moment Inter were pushing in desperate search for the winning goal. This expulsion cut the team's legs.

Inter v Cagliari, all against the referee: Conte, Lautaro and Berni lose their heads.

After the final whistle, Conte and the other bench members threw themselves at the referee to protest. The technician was barely detained by his collaborators, Berni, reserve goalkeeper, "evaded" the surveillance of his teammates and shook the referee's hand controversially. For this, Manganiello also expelled him.

Both Berni and Lautaro risk at least two days of disqualification. In the event that the two days were confirmed, both players would miss the derby against Zlatan Ibrahimovic's AC Milan.

Conte returned to the locker room so furious that he left the stadium almost immediately without stopping in the mixed zone. In his place, the deputy Stellini spoke. Here is the explanation of the second Inter coach. His declarations are reported by the Ansa.

"With you? Already at the end of the first half it took a while to find energy to speak to the team, he wasn't feeling well as Skriniar replaced for the flu. I then never saw him again, the coach left quickly.

Perhaps in today's game the referee was not good at keeping calm and fed tension.
The yardstick within the race should be changed to keep everyone calm.

We came out with four yellow cards, excessive for the game that has been. There was some episode, such as the foul not given to Young or the foul by Bastoni. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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