Inter-Atalanta, was Lautaro on Toloi a penalty? For Rocchi and VAR no…

Inter-Atalanta penalty, was Lautaro on Toloi penalty? For Rocchi and VAR no ...

Atalanta wanted the penalty for this touch of Lautaro Martinez on Toloi (freeze frame Dazn from social networks)

MILAN – Slow motion episode during the first half of Inter- Atalanta , sign game of the nineteenth day of the Italian Serie A football championship. On the result of one to zero for Inter, Toloi fell into the area after suffering a touch from behind by Lautaro Martinez. It all started from a header by Toloi miraculously saved by Samir Handanovic, the Brazilian defender of Atalanta went one hundred per hour on the rebound, to score, but was touched from behind by Lautaro Martinez. Atalanta protested fiercely against the referee.

Papu Gomez did not want to beat the corner because he wanted the penalty to be awarded to his team. Rocchi immediately indicated the corner kick, then he remained for a few seconds in his earpiece to collect the opinion of his assistants who were in the var of the var using the silent check tool.

The referee Rocchi could have seen the episode from slow motion in first person through the monitor placed on the sideline but he didn't want to do it. We wanted to trust his opinion in real time.

Evidently, his assistants who were in the var room also went along with him. So Atalanta was forced to resume play from the corner flag, without a penalty.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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