Inter-Atalanta, Lautaro on Toloi: it was penalty and expulsion. Juventus fans: “Be the first to give him the Scudetto”

Inter-Atalanta, Lautaro su Toloi: era rigore ed espulsione. Tifosi Juventus: "Fate prima a consegnargli lo scudetto"

Inter-Atalanta, Lautaro plaque from behind Toloi: it was penalty and expulsion (freeze from social networks)

MILAN – Although several hours have passed since Inter-Atalanta's final whistle, the controversy over social networks for Rocchi's refereeing has not subsided. In the final of the first half, with Inter leading by one to zero against Atalanta, the referee Rocchi did not concede a net penalty to the Bergamo players for a tackle from behind by Lautaro Martinez against Rafa Toloi.

Referee Rocchi did not give Atalanta a penalty kick and restart the game from the corner for Atalanta. Rocchi wanted to make this decision firsthand without using the var monitor on the sideline.

Before restarting the game, the referee Rocchi talked to his assistants who were in front of the monitors of the var room but evidently remained of his opinion despite the vibrant protests of the players and the Atalanta bench. His sensational mistake has sparked the wrath of Juventus fans, who are fighting the championship with Inter and Lazio on social networks.

The summary of the Juventus supporters' protest is: “If you make mistakes like that, if you don't even go to review the slow motion episodes on the monitor of the var it is because you want Inter to win at all costs. At this point, you first give him the badge. That we continue to play if such serious things happen … and then you say that Juventus steals … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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