Inter-Atalanta, Conte: “It is not easy to play with all these absences …”

Inter-Atalanta, Conte: "Non è facile giocare con tutte queste assenze..."

Inter, Antonio Conte in the photo Ansa

MILAN – "All the fault of absences …". This is how Antonio Conte explained Inter's internal misstep against Atalanta. The coach went on to say: “They have been playing together for many years, they play by heart. We were rehashed and we just started building our team. Despite all this we have eleven points more than they are… we are doing great things ”. Below is the interview given by Antonio Conte to Dazn after Inter-Atalanta 1-1.

“I am not talking about Vidal as I am not talking about other players who are not part of our squad. We faced Atalanta without four elements and for us it means a lot because we faced an intense and physically strong team. They have been playing together for four years and we have been good at keeping up. Last year they came before Inter so we are doing something extraordinary.

I am training exceptional guys. I just hope I don't have any defections. Because when I have a couple of defections in an area like midfield I'm in trouble. Today without Barella and Vecino I was in trouble. We are trying to recover Sanchez but it is not easy. We are pulling out more than we can in a situation that is not easy. Everyone sees our excellent ranking and closes their eyes in front of these situations, in front of the defections but they are there and they are there for all to see.

We try to do our best, we are really giving everything. Even today, against a team that played by heart. We have only been playing together for six months, we have eleven points more than them and this is a lot of stuff. We found Sensi again but Stefano needs to play to get back in a good condition. With Atalanta it is difficult to manage the result, they played at their maximum intensity.

We had these injuries, so honestly it was difficult to do better. They are building year after year, we have just started our journey and we have many merits because we are there. We have eleven points more than a very strong and experienced team like Atalanta. We are humble and realistic but my boys are to be commended in bulk for what they are doing. "

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