Inter-Alexis Sanchez, that’s how the Nerazzurri will play

Inter Alexis Sanchez come giocheranno nerazzurri Conte

Alexis Sanchez with the Chile shirt, Inter is waiting for him as the next transfer market shot (photo by Ansa)

MILAN – Only the official is missing but, except for last-minute surprises, Alexis Sanchez will be the new Inter striker . The Chilean arrives on loan with the ransom already set at fifteen million euros. The engagement problem was solved thus, half the salary will be paid by the Nerazzurri while the other half will be paid by United. Let us remember that Alexis Sanchez receives a single amount of 26 million pounds a year.

Let's see how the Nerazzurri could play after this important transfer kick. Meanwhile, let's say that Antonio Conte wants to play with the 3-5-2 base because it is the module that gives him greater guarantees in the two phases. In case of suffering, it can turn into a 5-3-2, while in case of technical superiority it can guarantee a great boost on the side lanes with the two externals that have very offensive characteristics.

Difficult, but not impossible, to see an Inter with the trident. In that case, Antonio Conte should sacrifice one of the two plants to make room for the fullbacks. Of course a trident with central Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez plus Lautaro Martinez at his side would have few in Italy …

How we review Inter's probable starting lineup. The Nerazzurri would line up the following players in the 3-5-2 beloved by Antonio Conte: Handanovic, Godin, de Vrij, Skriniar, Lazaro, Barella, Brozovic, Sensi, Biraghi, Lukaku and Sanchez.

Between the posts there is no doubt, Samir Handanovic will play as he is the best goalkeeper in the Italian Serie A soccer championship with Szczesny. Even in defense, no uncertainty. Inter have three world-class central defenders and Conte if everyone plays them from the first minute. Skriniar and de Vrij will be completed by Godin, who arrived in Milan after a very long run in Atletico Madrid.

There is little uncertainty in midfield as regards the power plants that will be, with little room for error, Barella, Sensi and Brozovic. On the outer lanes, in Conte's imagination, Lazaro and Biraghi should play only if the Brazilian is not ready yet and the Italian National team still plays with Fiorentina (even if the parties are not far from an agreement …).

In attack a few doubts, wide to the couple formed by Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez with Lautaro Martinez ready to take over from the bench. Even if Conte wanted to play with Lukaku and Dzeko …

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