Insults and good racists against Lukaku, the footballer unleashes on Instagram: “Federations around the world must react”

Lukaku insulti razzisti Cagliari Instagram Federazioni Inter intervenite

Lukaku is unleashed on Instagram after being the victim of racist insults during Cagliari-Inter

CAGLIARI – Romelu Lukaku decided the match between Cagliari and Inter scoring his second goal in as many Serie A games but did not celebrate the goal. After scoring the decisive goal in Cagliari, it seemed almost sad. In real time no one understood the reason. Lukaku himself explained this through a long post he published on Instagram. The footballer had been injured by the buu and by the racist insults he had received from the Cagliari fans.

In these cases, some football players react exultantly in an angry or controversial way (as Kean himself did just after a goal scored in Cagliari-Juventus), it was not Lukaku's case that he simply decided to take the embrace of his teammates without cheering for his network. He was too sad to let himself go to particular celebrations. Below is a post written by Lukaku on Instagram where the player asks for the prompt intervention of all the Federations of the world to fight the scourge of racism in football.

"In the last month many players have suffered racist insults – the Belgian writes on social networks -, it happened to me yesterday. Football is a game that must be enjoyed by everyone and we should not accept any form of discrimination that is a disgrace to our sport. I hope that federations around the world react strongly to all cases of discrimination ".

"Social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) must work better, as well as companies, because every day you see racist comments under the posts of people of color … talked about for years but nothing has been done yet. Ladies and gentlemen, it's 2019, instead of moving forward we're going back and I think that, as players, we must be united to keep this game clean and fun for everyone "(source Il Corriere dello Sport).

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