Insigne-Raiola, the reasons for the breakdown. Napoli offered him a maxi salary

NAPLES – The break between Lorenzo Insigne and Mino Raiola , an agent unwelcome to the Neapolitans, opens the door to the renewal of the contract of the Campania player with Napoli .

Insigne has a salary of 4.5 million euros per season with Napoli , in case of renewal, he would earn much more

The reasons that led to the break between Insigne and Raiola are explained by the journalist Alfredo Pedullà.

Here are the statements of the Sportitalia journalist .

"The reasons are linked to several misunderstandings: the attacker had asked Raiola to settle the amount due to the previous agents.

Adding also that he would have preferred that the previous one was paid in a single solution without respecting the installments until 2022.

A situation that led to the conclusion of the relationship, also because the agent had asked the reasons for the fact that Insigne demanded payment in a single solution , evidently a way to quickly close the relationship with the old agents.

And Raiola himself immediately proposed to Insigne the resolution of the agreement without any kind of litigation.

Hence the end of everything, without regrets and after a summer (the last one) that had been tackled clearly, in the face of the impossibility of finding a buyer at the numbers requested by Naples (at least 60 million).

Therefore the decision came to stay, without regrets and clearly. Who will Insigne's new agent be now?

Introduction: Agent Pisacane has always been a great friend of the family, collaborates with Federico Pastorello , it could be a double track in the background.

Pastorello has an important relationship with Antonio Conte, last winter – as already mentioned – Insigne had been shyly proposed by Raiola to Inter for next summer but on the evaluation it will be very complicated to find a figure that can satisfy De Laurentiis.

We'll see. Recall that Insigne is a '91, not a '96, so the thirty springs are not far away and the latest developments have not been handed down.

It is possible that he will extend from 2022 to 2025 ( the current engagement is 4.5 million per season ) perhaps doing everything in first person and booking a new long cycle with Napoli, taking into account the aforementioned speeches made on the evaluation. But they are all topics to be verified, the moment will come.

Certainly the idyll with his old attorney is gone, his brother Roberto continues to be an assisted member of the Mino Raiola team "(source".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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