Insigne-Ancelotti, dispute at the time of replacement in Naples-Arsenal

Insigne-Ancelotti, lite al momento del cambio in Napoli-Arsenal

He was furious with Ancelotti for the replacement

NAPLES – Sparks between Lorenzo Insigne and Carlo Ancelotti at the time of substitution at the 60 ′ Napoli-Arsenal. On the 1-0 result for Arsenal, with Napoli having to attack to try a desperate comeback, Carlo Ancelotti decided to replace Lorenzo Insigne with Younes. The Napoli striker didn't take it well at all. First he tried to clear up with Ancelotti, then he kicked a bottle in a furious manner.

A very important, very difficult period, he was recently accused by the fans of wanting to leave Naples.

Relations between Lorenzo Insigne are at historic lows and a few weeks ago a case broke out for statements by the Napoli striker who had hinted that he could leave the Campanians at the end of the season.

Insigne had to rectify what was said previously with the following statements to Sky Sport: "If you read well, I never said in the interview that in June I want to leave Naples. Then, I focused on the fact that people think I put Raiola to go away. I have expressed my thoughts, my words have been misrepresented and I am sorry. I have always said that in Naples I feel great and that the fans expect something more from me. I have always given my best and as long as I stay here I will continue to do so.

Then, as regards the fact that I said it always burns seconds, above all because Juventus has been doing extraordinary things for a long time, we always start at a disadvantage, but we always put them in difficulty. We are the only team that always puts us in difficulty and this is a pride of mine and of the whole team. Then, from the fact that wrong sentences have been reported. I was a bit upset, though, we all need to stay focused, because we have two fundamental games, which can change the season and it's the most important thing. "

Insigne-Ancelotti, dispute at the time of the change in Napoli-Arsenal Insigne-Ancelotti, dispute at the time of the change in Napoli-Arsenal

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