Iniesta: “My ideal footballer? A mix between Messi, Xavi, Ramos and Ronaldo “

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – Andres Iniesta surprised everyone.

The former Barcelona footballer described his ideal footballer and many welcomed his statements with no small surprise.

This is because Iniesta has composed his ideal player by selecting the qualities of two players who dressed in the Real Madrid shirt.

Recall that Barcelona and Real Madrid are bitter rivals.

It is as if Totti in speaking of his ideal player indicates the qualities of two or more Lazio players.

But let's get into the merits of Iniesta's statements.

The former star of Barcelona and the Spanish national team has spent words of praise for the old "enemies" Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In fact according to Iniesta Ramos he is unbeatable in the head shots while Ronaldo is the most physically gifted.

Here are the statements made by Iniesta on the Spanish Liga TV.

“My ideal footballer must have Xavi's right, Lionel Messi's left, Sergio Ramos' aerial detachment and Cristiano Ronaldo's physical strength.

My future? I'd like to be a coach.

At least try …

My goal is to start gradually.

So as a first step I would like to attend the coaching course.

I think it is the most correct path since I also played the whole process in the youth sector as a footballer before reaching the first team ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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