Inflatable dolls in the stands instead of the fans: Seoul apologizes

ROME – FC Seoul had to apologize for placing inflatable dolls on the empty stands of the World Cup Stadium during the game of the South Korean football championship against Gwangju, the first home game after the resumption of the K League following the coronavirus emergency .

Criticized for a choice judged if ** ista, the club specified that it was mannequins but had to admit that it had been supplied by a company that produces erotic toys and that it advertised with the writings that referred to its site.

However, the club's statement did not clarify why almost all the 'mannequins' had female features.

Shortly before the game, a company named Dalcom offered to fill some of the empty seats and the club accepted: 30 mannequins, 25 of them female and 5 male.

A discovery by the club, which took place only afterwards, as explained by the spokesman of the South Korean company to the BBC: no checks were made on the company's working background and, therefore, the link with the industry was not realized or if **.

In addition, some of the dolls even had placards advertising websites with adult material , although pnography is banned in South Korea.

For the record, the hosts won the game with the result of 1-0. (source AGI)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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