Infantino (Fifa): “Fans at the stadium? We are working to allow it safely “

ROME – Not even the time to go back to play in Europe, which is already thought about the return of the fans to the stadium.

"Fifa is working hard to present an optimal and positive solution to the Council in the coming weeks."

The president of the world football confederation, Gianni Infantino, says it in a video message to the 211 member associations in which he also talks about the 'Marshall plan' of financial support to football in crisis for the coronavirus emergency.

His declarations are reported by the Ansa.

“We are developing a manageable, but also needs-based system.

We want the financial facilitation plan to have a wide coverage that includes women's football and that operates in a modern, efficient and transparent way ".

Fifa number one also spoke of one of the hottest topics of the moment: when will we see the fans again in the stands?

Infantino's declarations are reported by

“Let's not forget that there must always be a space for the fans.

Football without spectators is obviously not the same, but you have to be patient in considering the right time to bring the fans back to the stadiums

We will continue to work tirelessly, but also with discretion and respect to go beyond these temporary measures, and to ensure that fans are readmitted safely and responsibly in the stadiums "(sources Ansa and

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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