In Spain they attack: “Fiorentina-Genoa biscuit shameful and absurd”

In Spagna attaccano: "Fiorentina-Genoa biscotto vergognoso e assurdo"

In Spain they attack: "Fiorentina-Genoa biscuit shameful and absurd"

MADRID – Miguel Angel Roman, commentator who commented Fiorentina-Genoa 0-0 for the Spanish TV Movistar, went heavy on Twitter: "Fiorentina-Genoa 0-0 saves the two teams from relegation. The Flower was enough for the same. Genoa has been saved from defeating Empoli. Probably the worst game I have commented in my life ".

Fiorentina-Genoa, Miguel Angel: "It was shameful but also absurd".

"It was shameful – adds Miguel Angel to the Gazzetta dello Sport – but also absurd. Because if Fiorentina appeared at the game with a situation of relative comfort, it could have been saved even if it lost, Genoa has relied completely on Inter, a team known for its long-term marriage with situations related to nerves, drama and far-fetched.

I expected that at least at the beginning Genoa would try, and instead nothing. Zero, nada. He was just awakened with the Empoli draw when Prandelli made a change. Then he was about to make another one but he canceled it when the news of Inter's new advantage arrived. Further confirmation that Genoa has entrusted its fate to the Nerazzurri ”.

Miguel Angel's social post has been commented on by many of his fans. Everyone attacked Fiorentina and Genoa for their attitude and shouted to the "shameful and absurd cookie".

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