In Naples all with Koulibaly. In the other stadiums the ultras remember Daniele Belardinelli

Napoli-Bologna, giocatori in campo con la maglia di Koulibaly. Sugli spalti 10.000 mascherine contro il razzismo

Napoli-Bologna, players on the pitch with Koulibaly's shirt. 10,000 masks against racism in the stands (from Twitter)

NAPLES – Thousands of masks at the San Paolo, with some fans with their faces painted black and the entire stadium to record "Kalidou, Kalidou", against the intolerance and the fanaticism of the curves but also banners in other Italian stadiums to remember the ultrà died Wednesday evening during the discounts that preceded Inter-Naples. The Serie A returned to the field three days after the tragic events of San Siro – marked not only by the clashes with the dead, but also by the racists at the address of the Senegalese Koulibaly – on the day of the interrogations in Milan, immediately started with a possible carried out in the investigations.

One of the three arrested ultràs indicated in the leader of the interim curve the organizer of the assault on the Neapolitan fans, and he admitted to participation in the clashes but denied other responsibilities and remained at liberty. In any case, the presence of weapons and sticks on the site of clashes from before the facts shows that there was nothing random. Pending the development of the investigation, even football played today was inevitably involved in the developments of the death of Daniel Belardinelli and the buu racists. The demonstrations of closeness of the blue cheer at Koulibaly have begun since the arrival of Napoli at the San Paolo, with the home fans who hauled team in front of the stadium with the banner "We are all Koulibaly: no to racism!".

Then, in the field, at the time of the warm-up, Faouzi Ghoulam wore the number 26 shirt, with the name of his brotherly friend, today in the stands because he was disqualified but depicted on thousands of masks worn by the home fans to make him feel the closeness and the solidarity. Nothing to do instead for the idea of ​​wearing the masks also to the players of Ancelotti.

The ultras are with Daniele Belardinelli

Another type of solidarity went on stage elsewhere, confirming the transversality of extreme support: banners with the words 'Ciao Dede' appeared in Parma, where the ultras emiliani and Roma, though divided by an ancient rivalry, they found a union of intents in memory of the 39-year-old from Varese, also remembered in the home stadium, the 'Franco Ossola', written by the Saronno ultras. And above all in Rome, with the Irreducible of the North, twinned with the ultrà Interisti, who left the Curva against the decision not to let the banner enter in memory of the 'brother' dead ("An ultras never dies Daniel with us") exposed outside the Olimpico.

The Irreducibili then returned to the North at the beginning of the second half, to the cry of "Daniel one of us". An appeal of a different tone came also from Belardinelli's mother: "I do not justify it, but it is enough to portray him as a criminal". The huge deployment of law enforcement to monitor the situation has not prevented to turn on the news that tells of shoving and punching in the morning between fans of Turin and Bologna who found themselves in front of each other in the Chianti area 'A1 in Florence. No injuries, the Digos investigates.

The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, takes up his position: "Let's start by keeping these idiots in jail, who will never have to set foot in a stadium until they are still alive. A true fan does not throw rocks or use knives, zero tolerance! ".

But against the League leader intervenes the president of the Assoallenatori, Renzo Ulivieri: "I am not surprised by certain choirs in the stadiums, if those who often have the microphone in front say 'the Italians first …'". From Mauro Balata, lawyer and president of the Lega di B, comes a proposal: "we introduce in the penal code the aggravation for violent events related to football events".

Naples-Bologna, all with Koulibaly. The most beautiful images from social networks

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