“Immobile dies of cancer like Nadia Toffa”, his wife Jessica denounces this horrible comment on Instagram

"Immobile muori di cancro come Nadia Toffa", la moglie Jessica denuncia questo orribile commento su Instagram

Shameful on social media, user wishes Immobile to die of cancer like Nadia Toffa. His wife Jessica denounces him on Instagram

ROME – Social madness hit Ciro Immobile, Lazio and Italian national team striker and top scorer of the Italian Serie A football championship. A Twitter account, probably "fake", named 'Immobile m0rt0' wished Ciro Immobile to die of cancer like Nadia Toffa.

Jessica Melena, the wife of Ciro Immobile courageously denounces the ugliest insults received by her soccer husband.

Jessica Melena, wife of the Lazio striker from Lazio, made it known to everyone. Jessica denounced what happened through a story published on Instagram: “What a shame, especially for having defined what happened to poor Nadia as a gift. All this hatred and malice will come back sooner or later. "

It is not the first time that Immobile is offended or attacked in an unpleasant way on social networks but his wife Jessica, as it should be, brings to light these comments to stigmatize them.

Immobile is experiencing a golden age both from a private point of view, where he built a fantastic family together with Jessica, and from a professional and sporting point of view as he is the top scorer of the championship and his team, Lazio, is in fight for the championship. Evidently his happiness annoys someone who needs to create a fake account to muddy him.

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