Ilary Blasi, video of the water balloon to Francesco Totti

Ilary Blasi, video del gavettone a Francesco Totti

Ilary Blasi, video of the water balloon to Francesco Totti (from the Instagram stories of the TV presenter)

ROME – Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti have spent the most social summer holidays ever in Ibiza. Ilary is one of the most well-known television presenters in our country, Totti no longer has any footballing obligations and therefore can show up on social media as he sees fit.

Thus, both Francesco and Ilary decided to share their holidays in Ibiza with Instagram followers. Ilary has published seven posts on Instagram plus numerous stories on the famous social photo network. Even Francesco Totti was no less happy to his fans.

In the first post they published from Ibiza, there is a passionate kiss between Francesco and Ilary. In the second post, Ilary publishes a mirror pose of his. In the third post, Ilary is unleashed aboard an off-road vehicle. In the fourth post, Ilary Blasi is a "mother on leave" (as she called herself).

In the fifth post, the Blasi shows her physique to scream in a bikini. A physicist who has nothing to envy to that of his twenties. In the sixth post, Blasi published some photos in the company of her children. In the seventh and last post, the most "sad" one, Blasi published an image of his return to Rome. The caption speaks for itself "game over" …

But first of all this, Blasi snatched the laughter of her followers and those of Francesco Totti with an exhilarating joke to the former director of Rome. La Blasi launched a survey on Instagram asking: "Totti or not?" Fans opted for yes and Blasi did not hesitate to make Totti a water balloon. The reaction of the former number ten of Roma is really fun.

The YouTube video with the Blasi's water balloon to Francesco Totti. The reaction of the former Rome captain is viral on social networks.

The Ilary Blasi article , a video of Francesco Totti's water balloon appears to be the first on Blitz daily .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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