Ilary Blasi and Totti’s secretary: “You are young! Francesco told me that you were old … “

ROME – Ilary Blasi discovering Francesco Totti 's new office .

The former Roma captain has decided to undertake the activity of prosecutor (even if he defines himself more as a talent scout …).

So Totti inaugurated its offices in EUR in Rome.

Actually, the filming is not of the former Roma number ten but of Ilary Blasi.

Totti's increasingly social wife wanted to shoot a video to show everyone about her husband's new offices.

Totti's new "base" is truly avant-garde but there is a detail that has not gone down in Ilary

We are talking about the secretary Domitilla.

Totti had told him that she was old , instead she is young and she is also a beautiful girl …

When he saw her, Ilary indulged in a joke:

“But didn't you tell me she was old? Other than old, she seems young to me … ".

Caught with his hands in the bag, Francesco could not help but joke about it so as not to worsen his situation:

"Old? In fact, she is old …! ".

The former Roma captain has ambitious plans for his new professional activity.

His dream is to find a young man who can become the new Totti …

At the same time, Totti is trying to bring already established players like Chiesa and Insigne into his stable (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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