Icardi to Rome? Wanda Nara’s tweet and the message read by the Giallorossi fans

Mauro Icardi alla Roma? Il tweet di Wanda Nara e il messaggio letto dai tifosi giallorossi

Mauro Icardi in an Ansa photo

ROME – Mauro Icardi opens to transfer to Rome ? The situation of the Argentinian striker is one of the most paradoxical in this 2019 transfer market: marginalized by the Inter of the Conte era, downloaded on several occasions (and publicly) by the Nerazzurri leaders, he does not seem to care about Juve (the team where he would have run) . According to rumors, only two companies are still intent on sinking the blow: Rome , in fact, and Naples.

Only that Napoli has already turned for some time on other goals (the last, in order of time, is the Mexican Lozano) and the Giallorossi cannot afford certain figures (for the tag and for the engagement). So Icardi at Rome could be done, provided that Inter accepts a "resized" offer (and think that last summer it was rejected an offer of about 100 million euros) and provided that Icardi revises their economic claims.

Wanda Nara's message.

To unleash the fantasies of Roman fans again the last tweet of Wanda Nara, Icardi's wife-agent, who continues to launch cryptic messages on social media. "We will teach the world what love is." Love is written in Spanish Amor, and some users wanted to read a play on words: Amor is an anagram of Rome. A bit brainy, but these days it costs nothing to dream.

In reality, yet another cryptic post by Wanda Nara could refer to the Argentine attacker's desire to remain at Inter despite being out of the Nerazzurri club's project, despite the risk of not playing. A choice dictated, according to some rumors, also by the possible arrival of the sixth child for Wanda Nara.

Icardi and the risk of not playing for two years.

Just in the last hours the Gazzetta dello Sport has published a background on the last meeting between the Argentine and the Nerazzurri leadership: in practice, Marotta & co would have informed the former captain that, if he does not accept offers from other teams, he risks seriously to stay away from the field for two years (as long as it is under contract with Inter). (Corriere dello Sport sources, Gazzetta dello Sport and Twitter).

The Icardi article in Rome? Wanda Nara's tweet and the message read by the Giallorossi fans seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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