Icardi threatened by ultrà Inter: “Enough is enough, Milan is small”

Icardi minacciato ultrà Inter Ora basta Milano Piccola

Icardi with the Inter shirt (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Total break between Mauro Icardi, Inter and the Nerazzurri Ultràs. The Argentine striker was threatened by the Milan club's ultra with a banner displayed under his house with a rather clear text: "Icardi is enough, Milan is small …". The message is clear: "Either you leave, or your safety is at risk …".

This banner is added to an already very tense situation with Icardi who decided to sue Inter because he feels discriminated against. Icardi is out of the Nerazzurri's technical project, Antonio Conte never used him in friendly pre-season and did not field him neither on the field nor on the bench in the first two days of the championship. Not only that, the Argentinian striker feels discriminated because Antonio Conte also forbids him to participate in tactical meetings before the games.

This situation has been going on since the beginning of summer. Nainggolan received the same treatment but, unlike the Argentine, he did not give up and accepted the transfer to Cagliari. The Argentinian striker, on the other hand, has put himself sideways and has refused all the destinations, in particular Naples.

The Argentine striker wanted to move to Juventus because he gave his word to Paratici in March, but this transfer was made impossible by the bad relations between the two clubs. Historic poisons that also increased after the arrival of Beppe Marotta from Juventus at Inter.

Thus, a few hours after the end of the transfer market, Icardi remains in the balance. His escape could be the transfer on loan to the PSG but even this market operation is anything but easy because Inter would first renew the contract (to extend it by a year) and then sell it on loan to the French club. Thus, if Icardi were not redeemed by the PSG, Inter would have more power over the player.

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