Icardi risks a year in the stands. Inter, Rome, Naples study anti-Juventus alliance

Calciomercato Icardi anno tribuna Inter Roma Juventus

Icardi with the Inter shirt. It risks a year in the stands. Rome and Naples continue to want it in this transfer market (photo Ansa)

MILAN – The Mauro Icardi case is intended to turn on the transfer market until its closure. Inter does not want to sell it to Juventus, relations between the two clubs are bad after the arrival of the manager in Milan and the Nerazzurri would be willing to sell it to rivals only in exchange for Paulo Dybala (but the Bianconeri have no intention of perfecting this exchange).

At this point Inter has sat down at the negotiating table with Rome and Naples to study an anti Juventus partnership. All three clubs are interested in breaking the hegemony of the Bianconeri and are studying the best possible way to close the Icardi case against Juventus.

The Argentine striker wants to move to Juventus but this will be very difficult. Inter has been clear with Maurito, or he has moved to Rome or Naples or will remain in the stands for a year. Inter has every interest in the world to sell Icardi because otherwise it would be forced to pay its rich salary without using it on the field. This is partly what happened last year.

Inter, Rome and Naples are working on the following transfer market operations, relying on the fact that Icardi will hardly want to stay still for a whole year. According to the plan of the three clubs, Icardi should move to Napoli, Milik should move to Roma and Dzeko should settle at Inter.

While the three companies talk together about this maxi waltz of attackers, Rome and Inter discuss in part the exchange of transfers between Edin Dzeko and Mauro Icardi because basically the number one goal of Antonio Conte is precisely that of having the Bosnian bomber and for this Rome remains the privileged interlocutor.

The waltz that also includes Milik will return to the present only in the event that Icardi should accept Naples by refusing Rome. Otherwise the exchange between the Argentine and the Bosnian will be perfected with a balance to the Nerazzurri.

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