Icardi, return with goals and assists. The companions embrace him, even Perisic, the North Curve insults him: “man of m …”

Icardi, rientro con gol e assist. I compagni lo abbracciano, anche Perisic, la Curva Nord lo insulta: "uomo di m...."

Icardi, return with goals and assists. His companions embrace him, even Perisic, the North Curve insults him: "man of m …".

GENOA – Super return for Mauro Icardi even without the captain's armband. He was the most anticipated man of the evening and did not disappoint fans' expectations. The Argentine striker was among the best on the field at Marassi, he earned the penalty kick that led to the expulsion of Romero and made it coldly. Icardi returned to scoring in Serie A after 109 days and with this goal he scored his 123rd goal against Inter with Bobo Vieri in eighth place in the all-time Inter scorer list. In the second half, the Argentine served the assist Perisic for the third goal that ended the game. The draw was completed by Gagliardini's double.

Icardi makes peace with his companions but the North Bend insults him.

His team mates forgave him and hugged Icardi after the goal. Even Perisic, one of the players who had had the most problems with the Argentine, embraced him even though timidly. In short, it's peace made with teammates but not with the North Curve which is the hottest fringe of Inter's cheering. The North Curva fans who were present at the away stadium insulted him throughout the game. Even after the goal they sang "man of m …".

The relationship between the Argentine and Inter's ultras seems difficult to reconstruct. After asking for the sale of Mauro Icardi yesterday, the Curva Nord published another statement in which they specified their thinking. "The position of the North is born of frustration over an embarrassing quarrel which is certainly badly managed by the company but in which both Icardi and his consort managers have only thought to speculate manifesting only out of convenience attachment to our colors (the Nerazzurri cathedral posted after the victory in the derby makes you smile in front of the smile of lady W after the defeat with Lazio) "

“Spalletti's words are dictated by the need to revaluate market value and certainly not by a real rapprochement between the locker room and the player. Phrases of circumstance to portray before the public opinion the picture of a reconciliation that in reality never took place ".
We are waiting for the "next episode" which is the return of the Argentine bomber to San Siro. How will it be received? Meanwhile, today we can say, good the first.

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