Icardi-Juventus: the meetings between Wanda Nara and Paratici are the yellow of summer

Icardi-Juventus: gli incontri tra Wanda Nara e Paratici sono il giallo dell'estate

Icardi-Juventus: the meetings between Wanda Nara and Paratici are the yellow of summer. Photo ANSA / DANIEL DAL ZENNARO

MILAN – Mauro Icardi has been called up by Inter for the pre-season retreat but the Nerazzurri have already told him that he is not part of Antonio Conte's technical plans. Inter has instructed its agent, Wanda Nara , to find him a new team. Icardi is coming out and the contacts between Juventus and Wanda Nara are getting thicker.

The Icardi family spent a few days of vacation in Ibiza. In their own hotel there was the manager of Juventus Paratici. Insiders swear that it was not a coincidence. Paratici was there to talk to Nara away from prying eyes.

But the Ibiza meeting would not have been the only one between Nara and Paratici. Before leaving for Sardinia, Wanda Nara would have met Paratici also in Milan. As it happens, both Wanda and Paratici were in Milan at the same time.

The media is divided on this topic. According to Il Corriere dello Sport, Wanda Nara and Paratici would not have met, while La Gazzetta dello Sport is more possibilist from this point of view and cites some sources that would have known of a secret meeting of theirs.

In short, more clues are a test. Icardi could go to Juventus and the bianconeri would be willing to welcome him willingly but on their terms. And this is the main problem.

In June, the two companies tried to get rid of the outgoing players by entering into negotiations for the exchange between Mauro Icardi and Paulo Dybala, but this attempt failed because the two clubs animatedly discussed the ratings of the two players' cards.

The only certainty is that both Icardi and Dybala are coming from a season to forget. Icardi was not even called up for the America's Cup. Dybala took part in the Argentine expedition but almost never played. The price of their cards has halved, perhaps even more.

The most logical thing would have been an equal exchange but both have categorically refused. Both companies wanted to earn something. At the moment the situation is stalled but the meetings between Wanda and Paratici, if there were any, could unlock it.

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