Icardi fifth consecutive goal with the PSG, the VIDEO of the bruges double

Icardi video gol Psg Bruges YouTube Champions League

Mauro Icardi's fourth consecutive goal with the Psg shirt (from YouTube)

PARIS (FRANCE) – And it always marks him! Fifth consecutive goal for Mauro Icardi. The Argentine PSG striker scored three goals in the Champions League and two goals in the French football league. After the goals in Galatasaray, Angers and Nice, here is the double in the Champions League on the field of Bruges.

The former number nine of Inter has scored with a turn of the first, from two steps, on a cross from the right of Angel Di Maria. In the second half, the Argentine striker scored with a flying deviation on a cross from the left of Kylian Mbappé.

Icardi is going through a period of extraordinary shape so much so that the French club is thinking of liquidating Cavani to focus on the former Inter striker.

Cavani is 32 years old and is considering the possibility of leaving the PSG at the end of the season also because he is annoyed by the fact that he has not yet been offered a contract renewal.

Also in this there is an explanation, the French club was favorably impressed by the performance of Mauro Icardi, back from five consecutive goals with the shirt of the Parisian society.

Icardi is only 26 years old and was taken as Cavani's heir. After a complicated start, the former Inter striker broke into the Champions League against Galatasaray, scoring the decisive goal, and made an encore a few days later against the Angers in the league. On the most beautiful, the stop for the National teams arrived but Maurito has already resumed scoring against Nice and Bruges (double).

Cavani is one of the strongest strikers ever. With the clubs he scored 348 goals while with the Uruguayan national team he scored 53 times (4 with the Olympic selection). The Uruguayan striker has already played in Italy with the Napoli jerseys, where he scored 104 goals, and Palermo, where he made 37 goals.

The former Napoli striker has already received a lot of offers but the ones that interest him most are those of Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Miami (a club that a few years ago was coached by Alessandro Nesta, now at Frosinone).

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