Icardi-Dybala, Inter-Juventus exchange tests. The two felt on the phone …

Calciomercato. Icardi-Dybala, prove di scambio Inter-Juventus. I due si sono sentiti al telefono...

In the photo Ansa, Mauro Icardi

ROME – Disgust and tripping to convince Lukaku, peaceful exchange of cards between Icardi and Dybala. Inter and Juventus would have resigned to the operation, the two champions do not want to pack, but meanwhile they must look around. According to Repubblica they called each other, a telephone contact to understand what air is blowing in those parts, you never know.

An indication that the exchange is near, almost inevitable. "The exchange of views between the two Argentines – Paulo, how are you in Turin? Mauro, how are you in Milan? – could really prelude to the painful exchange, with added capital gains between the clubs involved, "writes the newspaper.

According to which "underlying the market operation there is also the technical-tactical idea, which from Conte's point of view is clear: to create the classic pair of attack, first and second strikers physically and technically complementary, a powerful striker (Lukaku) and a tightrope walker (Dybala) ".

On the other hand, both players are now separated at home: the Inter managers have repeatedly told Icardi that he is out of Conte's technical project, so much so (he wrote the Gazzetta dello Sport) they would also have proposed the possibility of staying still for two years (until the contract expires). Dybala, after refusing Manchester United, has to deal with a rather lukewarm Sarri attitude towards him. In other words, if it remains good, but the starting position is far from guaranteed. With Conte instead … (source La Repubblica).

The Icardi-Dybala article , Inter-Juventus exchange tests. The two felt on the phone … seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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