Icardi, attack on society: “I love Inter but who makes decisions has no respect”

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Icardi, Inter attack: "I love the club but must never fail to respect"

ROME – Mauro Icardi has entrusted to a post on Instagram , the thoughts he has kept in so far. The Inter striker reaffirms his love for the Nerazzurri colors and points the finger at the top of the club. "I do not know if at this moment there is love and respect towards Inter and towards me by some who take decisions – we read in a message published by Muro on his Instagram profile -. I do not know if there is somebody's desire to act and solve things only and exclusively for Inter's love ".

"It is in the most difficult moments that true love is shown". Thus begins the long letter of Icardi addressed to the Nerazzurri fans and to the club. A strong and clear message, to underline his point of view on the situation. First Mauro had in fact published only some cryptic posts on Instagram, without ever exposing themselves openly. From the quote by Mark Twain "Better to be silent than to be stupid", to the hermetic "FREEDOM", passing through the phrase "Confuse them with your silence, surprise them with your actions". Three steps that then led to the long social missive.

"At Inter, with Inter. I have always decided to stay for the love of these colors – explains Icardi -. I have refused offers that hardly a professional player would have refused ". Then a few words about his commitment to the Nerazzurri club: "I played with physical pains that brought me to tears after the match and the following days. But I have always insisted on taking the field, even against medical advice ".

"I taught my children that winning is difficult – Mauro continues -. but that doing it with Inter has a unique meaning, which only a true Interista can understand and feel ". "I respected the supporters, my team-mates, the club and all the coaches that passed during my stay and I have always worked with the club, both on and off the court – the attacker continues -. All the sacrifices have been made for the love of these colors ". Finally the attack: "I do not know if at this moment there is love and respect towards the Inter and towards me. For love one can bear everything, but respect must never be lacking ".

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