Ibrahimovic unconvinced: Milan doesn’t mate the Bull, he comes out furious

Ibrahimovic incontentabile: il Milan non mata il Toro, lui esce furioso

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in action against Torino (Ansa)

ROME – Milan take the three points, Pioli rejoices for a rediscovered team, the fans celebrate and Ibrahimovic … He has nothing to celebrate, on the contrary. Head down at the end of the match with Torino, he rejects the journalists in a mixed zone, dark in the face leaves San Siro without a word or a smile.

Zlatan is like this, a victory does not make spring, a matter of mentality. Winning. Too many chances thrown to the wind in the second half, the team was unable to close the match. It obviously has to do with the goal literally eaten one meter from the door. But the impression is that as a recognized leader, he demands more from his companions.

Needless to turn around, without Ibrahimovic it was another Milan. He knows it and accepts the role: it is the mouth of fire (if not himself for the rest of the attack) and lightning rod. But the others have to adjust accordingly. The defender Musacchio did not seem to be of this opinion: called to replace Kjaer he did not move from the bench. Better for him than Pioli and not the angry Swedish. That the boast does it to respect a script that has written itself. On the pitch and in training, he already thinks as a coach. (source Libero)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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