Ibrahimovic, no Milan and Naples: Ancelotti convinced him to follow him at Everton

Ibrahimovic, niente Milan e Napoli: Ancelotti lo ha convinto a seguirlo all'Everton

Ibrahimovic in the photo Ansa

ROME – Other than Milan , Naples or Bologna, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one step away from Everton. All three negotiations were concrete, by the same admission of the protagonists, but in the end Ancelotti won. That is why, in the event of his stay in Naples, the Swede would probably have ended up in Campania. Everton has everything to please Ibra: he plays in the most beautiful and richest league in Europe, has considerable financial resources and is about to hire a great coach like Carlo Ancelotti.

That's why in recent days Naples and Milan had pulled out of the Ibra affair through the statements made to the press of Aurelio De Laurentiis and Paolo Maldini.

The statements made by Paolo Maldini on Sky Sport are reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport. "Ibrahimovic? It's definitely an option, we've talked and we're continuing to talk, but there are other options too, we have to say that. What is certain is that the more you go there and, perhaps, the more difficult it becomes – he says to Sky Sport microphones -, he played the last game on October 20 and for a 38-year-old boy to stay for more than two months is, anyway , quite tough, I tried it … So, if we think that for the eventual end of the season it would be only five months, it becomes difficult ”.

Aurelio De Laurentiis' statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport: “ Ibrahimovic ? He is an extraordinary person, whom I have known in the past, he is strong and has character and personality. We thought of Zlatan with Ancelotti because he would have covered a certain type of role, now before thinking of him I have other priorities: putting back a team that must play in a different way, with a defense that must not concede what it has granted against Parma and must have a higher line. We need to think about what we have at home and then reinforce the midfield. Does Inter want Mertens? He has such a contract that he can go anywhere except in Italy. Is that clear? "

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