Ibrahimovic in the storm, did he enter the Hammarby locker room in violation of the anti Covid rules?

STOCKHOLM (SWEDEN) – Zlatan Ibrahimovic took advantage of his day off to fly to Sweden.

It was not only a trip home but also an opportunity to see a live match of Hammarby as he is co- owner of the Swedish club.

Ibra also brought luck as Hammarby won 2-0 against Ostersund after dominating the game far and wide.

At the end of the match, Ibrahimovic was very happy and for this reason he would have decided to surprise his players.

Ibra would have gone down to the locker room to celebrate with them (at least according to what was written by the local media and by gazzetta.it …).

What's wrong with all this? The fact that Ibra allegedly violated the Swedish anti-Covid rules 19 .

Football in Sweden has started as safely as in Italy. There are very strict rules for the two leading players in the game.

Access to the stadium must be guaranteed to the least possible number of people. Access to the changing rooms is allowed only to players and technical staff.

No other person can enter the sanitized and airy changing rooms .

Ibra would have made a mistake because he would have entered the Hammarby locker room to party with his boys.

At the moment it is only an indiscretion because the Swede has neither confirmed nor denied his behavior.

Ibra's presence in Sweden could also be an indication of a transfer market.

A few days ago he would have had a heavy fight with Gazidis who is the manager who has the greatest decision-making powers in Milan.

After this fight, his farewell to Milan would be practically certain. So Ibra would be looking around already because there isn't much left at the end of the season.

The Swedish has no shortage of offers, he could stay in Italy to play with his friend Mihajlovic's Bologna or he could go back to Sweden to play with his Hammarby (as he did during the quarantine …).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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