Ibrahimovic, first the outburst then the hat-trick in the Los Angeles VIDEO derby

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Ibrahimovic celebrates after the decisive hat-trick in the Los Angeles derby (from YouTube)

LOS ANGELES – First he complained about the low level of the teammates and the American championship, then he decided the Los Angeles derby, against a team that before the game had 12 points more than his, with an absolute champion hat-trick: this is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Before the race, the Swede had vented during an interview with ESPN because he was not satisfied with the third place occupied by his team (now he is second thanks to the success in the Los Angeles derby):

"I am like a Ferrari in the midst of the Fiat" "The American championship is not at the European level. You have to be honest. First I played with players at my level, or almost. And I experienced a similar thing with Sweden. I do not accept that you do not receive the ball or that you arrive too late. The companions must be at my level. The matches here could be faster, more tactical, with more rhythm ”.

Then, during the most difficult game of the season, he pulled out his entire repertoire and managed to make a difference. Thanks to this success, the Galaxy takes second place in the standings to nine points less than the other Los Angeles team.

The match started badly because the visitors had gone ahead with a goal from the top scorer of the championship, former Arsenal striker Carlos Vela. Then, at the most delicate moment of the derby, he took the Ibra chair. The first goal is a masterpiece. The Swedish striker missed opponents with a "sombrero" from applause and beat the opposing goalkeeper with an unstoppable conclusion.

Then he scored 2-1 with a perfect header and finally ended the game with a deadly left. Thanks to this hat-trick, Ibra led 38 goals in just 44 games with Galaxy (22 in 27 games last year plus 16 in 17 games this year).

The YouTube video with the hat-trick scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic who decided on the Los Angeles soccer derby.

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