I am enrolled in the marines, all “fault” of the coronavirus …

LONDON (ENGLAND) – This time Son Heung-min has no valid reason to abstain from military service. The Tottenham footballer, who previously circumvented this obligation for sporting merits, will be forced to enlist with the marines.

In South Korea, military service is mandatory and has a total duration of two years.

Son Heung-min, who is a professional footballer, had managed to postpone him for sporting merits, thanks to his success with the South Korea national team in the Asian Games played in Indonesia in 2018.

Now Son Heung-min felt safe but the coronavirus has arrived to definitively condemn him to military service.

Now the Korean footballer of Tottenham is not playing because England, adapting to the decisions made in the rest of Europe to curb the coronavirus, has interrupted the championship and the national cups.

So Son can no longer refuse to leave for military service in South Korea.

Clearly he will not stay in Korea for two years but only for a month as the resumption of competitive activity, a bit all over Europe, is scheduled for late May-early June.

In South Korea, the military service obligation lasts two years in order to train a military force of 600,000 soldiers ready to face the danger of a war with North Korea.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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