Hot, close matches: the championship recovery worries. In the Bundesliga + 266% accidents

ROME – In addition to the fear of a new spread of the coronavirus contagion, the world of football also faces injuries . From the Bundesliga , the first European championship to resume, the picture is worrying.

As the website writes , a study by Dr. Joel Mason, a researcher at the Institute of Sports Sciences at the University of Jena, Germany, took care of reporting the injury numbers.

Only on the first day in which the Bundesliga resumed did the accident risk even increase by 266% . From 0.27 to 0.88 per game. All confirmed by the numbers after the second day: the injured players are 65 in total, on average more than three per team.

Indeed, the greatest concern derives from the heat in which the matches between June and July will be played. In addition to weighing will be a short preparation and too close races.

In Italy the first injuries have already arrived, albeit in training: see Zlatan Ibrahimovic .

According to another research, carried out by the Zone7 platform, cited by BBC Sport, playing eight games in a month increases the risk of accidents by 25%, compared to the usual 4 or 5 of the same period of time. The cause? Only 4% of footballers are used to playing at such a fast pace. (source,

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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