Honduras, clashes and incidents with deaths and injuries before the Olimpia-Motagua derby

Honduras scontri derby video YouTube

Clashes before the derby in Honduras (from YouTube)

TEGUCIGALPA – The balance of three deaths (hit by bullets) and ten wounded (including some players) of the incidents that broke out in Tegucigalpa where the 'clasico' of the Honduran capital between Olimpia and Motagua was to be played is temporary. . According to the first reconstructions released by the local media, it would have been a group of 250 supporters of Olimpia who launched the stones and bottles against the coach that carried the opposing team to the Nacional stadium.

Despite the presence of 5,000 policemen, in anticipation of a much-felt derby, lined up on five dams around the stadium, the assault sent the security service into a tailspin. On the bus, three Motagua players were injured by glass shards. The escort police were also attacked and the vehicle then returned to the hotel. The match was canceled and further incidents were unleashed during the evacuation of the approximately 10,000 fans who were in the stadium.

Clashes in Honduras before the derby, former Celtics player Izaguirre among the injured.

Emilio Izaguirre was injured by clashes that broke out in a derby match in Honduras between Motagua and Olimpia, which killed three people and wounded ten. There were bad scenes before the game outside the National Stadium when rival fans clashed, with the Motagua bus attacked. Izaguirre, who left the Scottish Celtics this summer and joined Motagua, was one of the players involved in the incidents while he was rescued from an eye injury.

His coach Diego Vasquez said: "Bottles, stones were thrown at us and the players threw themselves on the floor screaming". Izaguirre breathed a sigh of relief: "Thank God I'm fine. There were fragments of glass that flew into one eye, but I was told that it is nothing serious and that there is no permanent damage.

"The painful thing for me is the dead. We are all Hondurans, no matter which team you support, we must all have respect for our fellow men. "Thank you all for the messages of affection I received."

The video from YouTube with the incidents before the Olimpia-Motagua derby that caused three deaths and multiple injuries (source Ansa).

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