Higuain condemns Milan, wrong penalty and expulsion: Cristiano Ronaldo says Juve

Higuain condanna il Milan, rigore sbagliato e espulsione: Cristiano Ronaldo dice Juve

Higuain condemns Milan, wrong penalty and expulsion: Cristiano Ronaldo says Juve

MILAN, STADIUM GIUSEPPE MEAZZA 'SAN SIRO' – Milan-Juventus 0-2, goal: Mario Mandzukic 8 'and Cristiano Ronaldo 81' . Cartel match of Serie A championship ( classification , calendar , results and scorers).

Juventus beat Milan without a break and maintained the advantage of six points over Napoli. The 11 / a victory in 12 days is the result of a solid performance, open after 8 'from the incornata of Mandzukic and closed to the 36' of the shot by Cristiano Ronaldo, to his first goal at San Siro.

In the final 2-0 it is the negative protagonist Higuain, who plays despite the pain in the hip and gets nervous quickly. The intersection with his former team becomes a drama: before the interval he misses the penalty, with a non-irresistible right-footed shot deflected on the post by Szczesny, and 7 minutes from the end he gets two yellow cards, perhaps a foul on Benatia and the other for protests, degenerate into a hysterical scene, with companions and former companions trying in vain to calm him down.

He observed almost impassive Gattuso, who had advised Higuain to face the evening with serenity and, after the break, certainly will have to do without at least against Lazio, which in the meantime has countermeasured Milan in fourth place with one more point.

Instead it will restart from Spal la Juve, before a warm December. Meanwhile he reacted to the Champions League knockout with Manchester United, freezing a nearly sold out San Siro. In the stands there are among others the new Milanese Gazidis and former Galliani and Barbara Berlusconi, and after the farewell this summer the Rossoneri audience welcomes with insults and whistles Bonucci.

The defender said he was "surprised" when Allegri announced that Benatia would play in his place. Alongside Chiellini, who is again the manager after three bench seats in the league, the Moroccan (in Milan's spotlight for January) almost guesses all the advances.

But he is cautioned for a useless foul in the middle of the field and at 38 'in the Higuain marking commits a handball (seen by Mazzoleni only in the video, on the indication of Var Valeri) that Juventus would have paid dear, if the referee had shown the second yellow and if the Argentine striker had beaten the penalty.

Kessie would like to beat him, but Higuain does not hear stories and the bianconeri retain the advantage obtained thanks to Alex Sandro's cross and to Mandzukic's header, which dominates Rodriguez. It's a black night for the Swiss full-back, in confusion between the percussions of Cancelo and the insertions in turn of Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mandzukic, a trident that does not give any reference points.

Without Cuadrado (fever), Pjanic and Bentancur (preferred to Khedira) make the Juventus maneuver fluid and even if Allegri is raging at every mistake of his, he commits many more Milan, much slower in the construction phase, despite the progress of Bakayoko.

The absence of Biglia and Bonaventura weighs, and Castillejo is lost in the role of second tip, so that even after half an hour Gattuso passes to 4-3-3 widening Castullejo and advancing Suso, author of the first shot in goal of the Rossoneri 33 '.

The second is the penalty, the third will never come, while in the second half Ronaldo comes on, with a shot from twenty meters that stuns Zapata, a left-footed flight, a shot in the counterattack by Donnarumma.

We also test Dybala, which hits the outside pole and then Gattuso intervenes first by inserting Cutrone and then in the final quarter-hour Laxalt and Borini. However, Milan's small reaction is frozen by Ronaldo.

The Milan-Juventus report cards 0-2

Milan (4-4-2): G.Donnarumma 6, Abate 5.5 (29 'St Borini 5.5), Zapata 5.5, Romagnoli 6.5, Rodriguez 4.5, Suso 5.5, Kessie 5.5, Bakayoko 6, Calhanoglu 5 (29' Laxalt 5) , Castillejo 5 (17 'st Cutrone 6), Higuain 4 (25 Reina, 90 A.Donnarumma, 95 Bellanova, 2 Calabria, 56 Simic, 16 Bertolacci, 4 Mauri, 18 Montolivo, 77 Halilovic). All .: Gattuso 5.5.

Juventus (4-3-1-2): Szczesny 7, Cancelo 6.5, Benatia 6, Chiellini 6.5, Alex Sandro 6.5, Bentancur 6, Pjanic 6 (29 'st Khedira 6), Matuidi 6, Dybala 6 (34' st Douglas Costa sv), Mandzukic 7, Ronaldo 7. (21 Perin, 21 Pinsoglio, 15 Barzagli, 19 Bonucci, 2 De Sciglio, 24 Rugani, 33 Bernardeschi, 18 Kean). All .: Allegri 6.5.

Referee: Mazzoleni di Bergamo 5.5. Networks: in pt 8 'Mandzukic; in st 36 'Ronaldo Angoli: 5 to 2 for Juventus. Recovery: 2 'and 3'. Ammonites: Benatia, Bakayoko, Higuain, Borini for foul play; Higuain for non-regulatory behavior. Expelled Higuain in the 37th minute for double warning Var: 1. Spectators: 74,729 for a collection of 5,106,398.26 euros.

** THE GOL ** – 8 pt: cross from the left of Alex Sandro who cuts across the penalty area, Mandzukic on the far post stands on Rodriguez and head beats Donnarumma – 36 'st: Laxalt error on the left, Cancelo goes down on the right and from the limit commits with a powerful Donnarumma shot. On the riveted Ronaldo anticipates Zapata in the middle of the box and bags.

The Milan-Juventus highlights 0-2

90 'final whistle, Juve won at San Siro thanks to goals from Mandzukic and Cristiano Ronaldo. Negative evening for the great former of the Higuain meeting who missed a penalty in the first half and was sent off in the second half.

83 ' Gonzalo Higuain loses his head. After receiving a yellow card for a foul on Benatia, he threw himself on the referee Mazzoleni to protest and remedied an unavoidable red card. Soon after, Higuain went to blame even with Chiellini and teammates calmed him with difficulty.

81 'Doubling of Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo has closed the match. The Portuguese champion did not make a mistake in front of Donnarumma.

( here ) Higuain takes Kessie's ball away and misses a penalty
( here ) Higuain shoots where he says Szczesny and misses the penalty
( here ) VAR assigns the penalty to Milan but does not show the double yellow to Benatia

45 'the first half ended with Juventus leading in Milan thanks to Mandzukic's goal. Higuain has failed the equalizer.

38 ' Penalty for Milan. The referee Mazzoleni assigned him after asking for the help of the var. The touch of Benatia's hand on Higuain's play was clear. The same Higuain went after eleven meters after taking the ball to Kessié but the Argentinian striker was rejected by Szczesny.

8 'Juventus goal. Bianconeri took the lead with Mario Mandzukic. The Croatian forward scored a header on Alex Sandro's cross.

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Milan (4-4-2): Donnarumma; Abbot, Zapata, Romagnoli, Rodriguez; Suso, Kessié, Bakayoko, Calhanoglu; Higuain, Castillejo. All. Gattuso

Juventus (4-3-1-23): Szczesny; Cancelo, Benatia, Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Bentancur, Pjanic, Matuidi; Dybala; Mandzukic, Cristiano Ronaldo. All. Allegri

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