Hiannick Kamba, former Schalke footballer who died at 29 now “rises”: suspected insurance scam

Gelsenkirchen (GERMANY) – Hiannick Kamba is still alive and in trouble.

The former Schalke 04 footballer had been given up for dead at 29 but is still alive.

Behind this fake death there would be an insurance scam .

As Bild reports, Kamba had been given up for dead following a traffic accident that occurred in 2016, when he was 29 years old, but in reality he is alive and well.

Bild explains that the former Schalke footballer was caught in the Ruhr area , where he works as an employee of an electrical services company.

According to Bild, the 33-year-old ex-Congolese defender is allegedly accused of both insurance fraud and illegal immigration .

Prosecutor Anette Milk explained to the German tabloid that not only the former football player but also his wife would be targeted.

The wife would have produced a fake death certificate for her husband and publicly announced her funeral.

According to the defense attorney, Kamba's wife only found out about the insurance after the alleged death of the former footballer .

Kamba allegedly went to the Congo embassy in Germany to deny his fake death only two years after the incident.

The former footballer would have justified this delay by saying that he had lost his documents .

Now he's alive but he's in more trouble than ever … (sources Bild and corriere.it).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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