Hand of Cionek, referee Di Bello consults the VAR but does not assign rigor

Rigore Bologna Spal var Cionek mano social furiosi decisione arbitro di bello

Penalty not assigned to Bologna after consulting the VAR (Sky Sport image freeze)

BOLOGNA – Important episode from slow motion to 10 ′ of the recovery of Bologna-Spal , anticipation of Friday of the Italian championship of soccer of Series A. The defender of the team of Ferrara, Cionek, has stopped with the arm a play of Sansone that was projected to network. After the protests of the players of Bologna, the referee Di Bello began a long conversation with his assistants who were in front of the monitors in the VAR room.

At the end of this interview, Di Bello had not reached an "agreement" with his collaborators through the silent check and for this reason he decided to go and consult the VAR himself. The referee Di Bello went to the sidelines and visualized the VAR monitor in person.

After briefly reviewing the episode from slow motion, with Cionek's clear arm on the play of Sansone, the referee Di Bello returned to the field but did not award the penalty kick to Bologna infuriating the home fans. The game was stopped on the result of zero to zero.

No penalty for Bologna, the reaction of fans on social networks.

Manuel S. was perplexed: " It seemed to me more rigor than many of those of last week ". Ignazio G. refers to one of the many episodes of Fiorentina-Napoli on the first day: " If this is not a penalty for Bologna then the one on Zielinski in Florence was not even to be considered !!! ".

Even Jack P. was rather perplexed by the referee's decision to Bello during Bologna-Spal: “ He was like the clearest penalty ever. Mah ". A. Bashir is rather controversial: "But how is nothing rigorous?    It's all a farce, which unfortunately not only punishes the crying victims of the #Fiorentina #BolognaSpal #SerieA ".

Even Federico F. does not go there lightly: “ Net rigor . But what do they look at the VAR? ". The question remains open …

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