Haaland loses abdominal race with Cristiano Ronaldo but the record is for Semenya VIDEO

DORTMUND (GERMANY) – With the sport stopped practically all over the world due to the coronavirus emergency, the athletes are overcoming boredom by challenging themselves in the Living Room Cup.

What does this cup consist of? It is nothing but an abdominal challenge. Participants should try to do as many abs as possible in 45 seconds.

After finishing their performance, they must upload the video on Instagram by entering the hashtag #LivingRoomCup.

Alternatively, they can test themselves through a live broadcast on Instagram . Their performance would remain on the net for 24h, sufficient time to shoot the video from the various media.

Until a few days ago, the record was held by Cristiano Ronaldo , who was also the creator of this tournament but in the last few hours things have changed drastically …

Cristiano Ronaldo has lost both the record among the players and the absolute one. The champion of Juventus was in the lead with 142 abs in 45 seconds but was overtaken by teammate Blaise Matuidi who made 144 in the same time interval .

They failed to overtake Cristiano Ronaldo or Haaland, who stopped at 124, or Marco Belinelli, who surrendered after 53 abs.

The leader is the leader , the South African athlete Mokgadi Caster Semenya with 176 abs in just 45 seconds, a difficult record to overcome … (sources: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev and YouTube).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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