Guardiola opens to Serie A but where? Juventus, Milan, Inter, Naples or Rome?

Guardiola opens to Serie A but where? Juventus, Milan, Inter, Naples or Rome?

Guardiola opens to Serie A but where? Juventus, Milan, Inter, Naples or Rome? (Handle)

TRENTO – The news of the day is that Pep Guardiola opens up a possible future in Serie A. All nice but who could afford it? You do not leave the five sisters Juventus, Milan, Inter, Naples and Rome.

Juventus would be the favorite in the event of goodbye Allegri, Milan and Inter could invest a large part of their budget for one of the most successful technicians of all time, a similar speech for Rome. More difficult in Naples where Ancelotti has just arrived and has a long and onerous contract.

The question has always been the same for more than a century: does the game or the result matter more? There are three coaches, three coaches, who have managed to make everyone agree, and that is the beauty that ultimately wins.

Arrigo Sacchi, Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola together with a few others elected (Johan Cruyff, Rinus Michels) managed to enchant the world and, at the same time, enrich a bulletin board that today speaks of 10 between Champions Cups and Champions League won between field and bench. They have succeeded, who inventing the pressing hammering and the universal game (Sacchi), who the choral maneuver and the flexibility of the modules (Ancelotti), who the tiqui-taca that gets you drunk (Guardiola) and that tomorrow could land also in Serie To: "Because no ..", answers sardione Guardiola remembering that not even Germany seemed at the time a possible destination and then instead.

Different from each other but all three with the same philosophy that has made great many other great figures (Herrera, Clough, Ferguson, Mourinho, Lattek, Hitzfield, Lippi) but that compared to them lacked a simple thing: genius. Sacchi, Ancelotti and Guardiola – together for an afternoon on the stage of the Auditorium of Santa Chiara in Trento for the Festival of Sport organized by Gazzetta and Trentino – an answer they have always had: first comes the game, then the result.

That does not mean that the first of the second counts anymore, but only that the second will always be 'son' of the first. Perhaps this is also why the balloon made in Italy today reels, Sacchi explains: "Italy is not among the most advanced footballing countries, has a cultural resistance to change, a vision that prevents it from approaching the future, but looks rather in the past, "he said, recalling that" usually the player who plays the best wins, but above all who wins by playing well acquires a moral authority that who wins by playing badly will never acquire ".

Pep Guardiola honors Cruyff ("he opened his eyes and made us understand what was the new football"), baton those who synthesize with the simplistic tiqui-taca his revolution ("is a term that I never liked, too much joking ") and plays the role of modesty retracing his extraordinary achievements:" I did not invent anything, I was lucky enough to have 7-8 players who grew up in the cantera, who played together since they were 8-10 years old, let's say that there was a combination of star players and this does not happen often.

Besides this they had, we had, want to eat the world. Our game system allowed us to spin the ball to bring it where we wanted, that's all. But I'm glad it was appreciated. If in 20 years we will talk about this team again it will mean that we have done something good ", added Pep, who does not close in the future in Serie A:" Why not? Years ago – he remembers – they asked me if I would ever go to train in Germany ", (" Leave it alone ", Carlo Ancelotti interrupts him with a joke).

"And yet – continues Guardiola – years later I went there for real, so I answer why not? Who would have said that I would have learned German. Italy remains an option. And then we eat so well ", concludes Guardiola, who talks about a passing crisis for Italian football:" Stay a great country, now you need reflection but you are a country that has won so much and for so many decades, you have won at national and club level. – he concludes – I hear that Italy has a defensive football but defending well is a great quality and you are masters in this.

Defending well is a talent, all of us coaches are obsessed with the idea of ​​not taking goals, they are just different ways to defend themselves. The failure of the World Cup is a moment like this, it happened also to Argentina, to Pellegrini: he won a lot but also lost and this did not stop them from winning again. Sometimes this is the case, technicians and federations must find the right answers, but you have special qualities ".

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