Guardiola-Juve, the indiscretion: he asked Koulibaly, Pogba and Icardi

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Guardiola-Juventus, the indiscretion: he asked Koulibaly, Pogba and Icardi

ROME – Guardiola will be the next Juventus coach. After the indiscretion published by the AGI where the figures of the agreement were also announced (4-year contract for 24 million euros per season) and the social indication of Miralem Pjanic that frames the word Joseph and then smiles, now the market demands that the Spanish technician would have made to the Juventus management also arrive. And the main reason for the break between Juve and Allegri is also revealed.

Chapter of the transfer market . Guardiola would have requested at least three reinforcements for his Juve: Koulibaly, Pogba and Icardi. And asked for the transfer of as many players: Dybala, Mandzukic and Khedira. But there is also the part concerning Higuain, still owned by Juventus. If Icardi does not arrive, Guardiola would gladly have taken the "Pipita" as part of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Allegri Chapter. Andrea Agnelli, who since September 2017 is at the top of the ECA, the powerful organization that brings together the clubs of the continent, knew of the referral of UEFA to Manchester City for violations of financial fair play (possible exclusion from the Champions League) and possible disqualification coming from Fifa due to irregularities in the purchase of underage players with consequent market block for two sessions, as already happened in Barcelona and Chelsea. Information that led the Juventus president to "get rid" of Allegri and close in the meantime with Guardiola.

Finally, the news of Pep Guardiola, now close to signing with the Bianconeri, has also shaken the odds of bettors , rewarding those who had bet on the Catalan coach in the past few days. Guardiola was given at 9.00 a few days ago, now he has already gone down to 1.50. With the risk that quotas are closed soon.

Postscript: announcement on May 28th and presentation on June 14th.

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