Grosseto: Cretella furious for the substitution, the coach Magrini slaps him VIDEO

Grosseto: Cretella furioso per la sostituzione, l'allenatore Magrini lo prende a schiaffi VIDEO

Grosseto coach Magrini slapped Cretella after the footballer protested the substitution

GROSSETO – Sensational in the Grosseto house. During the last league game, coach Lamberto Magrini decided to replace midfielder Riccardo Cretella in the 74th minute of the match won by one against zero against Monterosi. Cretella did not accept the replacement and sent his technician to that country at the time of the change.

Magrini did not pretend anything, as the coaches usually do in these, and reached Cretella to push him and to slap him (as you can see in the YouTube video at the bottom of the article).

Before this episode, a similar thing happened in 2012, eight years ago, when Delio Rossi punched his footballer Adem Ljajic who had not accepted the substitution.

Grosseto Calcio plays in the Italian Serie D football championship

The Amateur Sports Society of the Grosseto Sports Union 1912 , more simply known as Grosseto Calcio , it is an Italian football club based in the city of Grosseto.

Established with the aforementioned company name in 2017, it is the largest football association in the Tuscan city, as the custodian of the sporting tradition that began in 1912 with the foundation of the Grossinana Sports Gymnastic Union and subsequently passed through various corporate entities gradually discontinued and refounded ( Club Sporting Grosseto in 1925, Grosseto Sporting Union in 1927, Grosseto Sporting Club Football Club in 1995 and Grosseto Football Club Amateur Sports Club in 2015).

From a historical point of view, Grosseto boasts six consecutive matches in the Serie B single-group championship as the most successful (taking sixth place as best placement – with participation in the play-off promotion for the top flight – in the 2008-2009 season) ; In addition, each won its own group C2 and C1 series for once (in the second case, combining it with the category Super Cup).

Military in Serie D , fourth level of the national football pyramid (from Wikipedia, YouTube video).

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