Grīgorīs Kastanos, this is the player who made his debut in Spal-Juventus

Grīgorīs Kastanos, ecco chi è il calciatore che ha esordito in Spal-Juventus

Grīgorīs Kastanos, here is the player who made his debut in Spal-Juventus (Instagram photo)

FERRARA – Grīgorīs Kastanos, born in 1998, is a Cypriot footballer, midfielder of Juventus U23, Juventus and the Cypriot national team. Trequartista and, if necessary, second striker, is ambidextrous and possesses excellent technical qualities. Bravo in verticalizing the action, it stands out for the discreet game vision that allows him to calibrate precise assists for his companions and has a good coldness in front of goal.

Excellent kicker of set pieces, which prefers to beat with his right foot, he is a quick player in the insertions, skilled in one against one and in attacking the depth. After a great championship in the ranks of Juventus Under 23 in Serie C, with 3 goals in 28 games, Massimiliano Allegri has decided to launch him in Spal-Juventus .

Spal-Juventus, some statistics from the Juventus website.

THE KEAN FILOTTO Moise Kean has scored in all the last three league games: the last youngest player to score for three consecutive Serie A matches was Mario Balotelli in 2009. Thanks to today's goal, Moise Kean is become the youngest in the era of three points to victory to reach four.

CR7, TIRI AND ASSIST Cristiano Ronaldo is the player who has attempted the most conclusions in this championship (159). Only Gomez and Mertens (nine) provided more winning assists than he (eight) in this league.

ALLEGRI VS SIMPLE Massimiliano Allegri was unbeaten in Serie A against Leonardo Semplici , thanks to two wins and a draw (all the matches were between SPAL and Juventus). Today's is Allegri's first defeat against Semplici.

JUVE IN TRANSFER Juventus lost only one of their last 28 Serie A away matches: 23 wins and four draws.

JUVE, THE BEST FOOTBALL CHAMPION Juventus is the team that has scored the most on the development of football placed in this league (22), the SPAL that has done better in percentage (46%, or 13 from free kick and 15 on stock).
Sources: Wikipedia and the Juventus website.

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