Gravina (FIGC): “The next Serie A cannot start beyond mid-August”

ROME – When will the championship resume? The truth, of course, is that nobody knows. Nobody can know, at least for the moment, when the football championship can resume. Useless, at the moment, to make tables and calendars.

The interest of the FIGC is to "save the 2019-20 championship but also not to compromise the 2020-21 season": federal president Gabriele Gravina told Radio Sportiva.

"Today – he explains – we can indulge in a whole series of elaborations, but we must also remember that next season has a clear deadline".

“Next year – he continues – we will have the commitments of the European football championship and international club-related competitions. We cannot make the mistake, already made last year, of leaving beyond mid-August. It is clear that over mid-July it becomes difficult to move forward with the 2019-20 championship ".

The primary objective, however, is to resume the championship: “However, we must be very realistic and understand that at this moment the situation is constantly evolving. We have a duty to investigate the restarting hypothesis day after day, we are also working on alternative hypotheses ".

Everything is uncertain. Useless, therefore, for now to put forward hypotheses. Football, on the other hand, is obviously obvious in the background now. The hope, yes, is to be able to at least close this season. Sooner or later.

Source: Sports Radio.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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