Gourav Mukhi, “baby” Indian soccer phenomenon is not 16 but 28: disqualified

Gourav Mukhi, Indian soccer phenomenon

Gourav Mukhi

ROME – The phenomenon of the National Under 16 team and the Indian soccer championship , Gourav Mukhi , has been disqualified for having declared a totally false age: 16 years instead of the effective 28. Mukhi got away with six months of stop and the revocation of the "Youngest Goal of the Indian Super League" award.

Mukhi had become a star last October 7 at the 2-2 mark, ten minutes from the entrance, with his Jamshedpur rivals Bengaluru, the network that earned him the prize of "the youngest scorer of the Indian Super League. "

After his performance, the local press is convinced he has found a new champion with everyone starting to praise him. In fact, Gourav Mukhi perfectly embodies the image of those who made it, an image that collapses when it is discovered that it is all terribly false.

To unveil his true age he was paradoxically himself last September, following an interview with the local newspaper "The Telegraph". Mukhi would have revealed to the journalist that his actual age asked questions. An unforgivable mistake, which now will cost him not only the six months of disqualification and the revocation of the prestigious prize as the youngest scorer of the top Indian championship. Before his admission, there were many eyes (and tens of millions of euros) on him. The "hero" of the Jamshedpur had aimed at the eyes of half the world of football.

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