Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara is dead: he was the president of the last great Bologna of Baggio and Signori

ROME – Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara, entrepreneur of the Idrolitina brand and former president of Bologna Calcio, died at the age of 84.

He drove from 1993 to 2001, when he left the presidency, retaining ownership until the relegation of 2005.

The protagonist of the return to A of the rossoblù club with two promotions in two years.

It was he who brought Baggio and Signori to Bologna: the arrival of Gazzoni Frascara in '93 averted the financial bankruptcy (he saved the name of the glorious Bologna adding 1909, the year of foundation) and in three years the return as a protagonist in Serie A .

Baggio, with 22 goals in the 97/98 championship, marked an unforgettable season and his personal relaunch (complete with a cut in the tail).

The following year Baggio passes the baton to Beppe Signori who is reborn and settles six years: in '99 he brings the team to the UEFA Cup semifinal.

In 2005, Bologna relegated to the field but Gazzoni Frascara is not there: the aftermath of administrative doping, Calciopoli that is about to explode …

He will not get the readmission in the top flight, but he is remembered as one of the most heated and listened to accusers of Calciopoli.

Sick for some time, he was still honorary president of the club. (source Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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