Giroud: “Benzema Formula 1 and I go karting? I won the World Cup … “

PARIS (FRANCE) – The coronavirus has given Karim Benzema and Olivier Giroud a head . The two French center forward have been involved in a long-distance dispute.

Benzema was the first to provoke: “Are you really comparing me to Giroud? You can't compare a Formula 1 car to a kart. Obviously I am the Formula 1 car … ".

Giroud did not take it well and he replied practically immediately: “Benzema Formula 1 car and I a kart? While he was on vacation, he admired me on TV as I raised the World Cup with France. I was there, he wasn't … ".

Giroud is an integral part of the French National Team squad, while Benzema has not been called up for three years, after his red light blackmail to teammate Valbuena.

Since then, neither Valbuena nor Benzema have been taken into consideration by the French football federation.

In the case of Valbuena no one has any complaints since the player is at the end of his career and in recent seasons he has fought with Fenerbahce and Olympiakos, while the exclusion of Benzema makes much more noise as the Frenchman has one of the strongest teams in the world like Real Madrid.

Last summer, Giroud was very close to moving to Italy. The player still likes both Inter and Lazio a lot. In a few months, we will know who will win it.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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