Giorgio De Marchi is dead, he was a median historian of Vicenza

Giorgio De Marchi è morto, è stato uno storico mediano del Vicenza

Giorgio De Marchi is dead, the memory of Vicenza Calcio

VICENZA – Mourning in the world of football for the death of Giorgio De Marchi, born in 1934, a median historian who wore the Lanerossi Vicenza shirt for ten consecutive seasons in Serie A, from 1957 to 1966, recording 219 appearances and 11 goals.
In addition to Vicenza, De Marchi also played in Cuneo (early in his career) and in Trento, in what was his last season.

Vicenza joins the pain of the family for the disappearance of its former player: tomorrow afternoon the first team, engaged away from Fermo, will take the field with mourning in the arm.

He lived his footballing beginnings at the oratory of the Salesian Fathers in Schio, where he also attended elementary and middle schools. He then enrolled in the A. Rossi Institute in Vicenza. Play in Serie A from 1957 to 1966 with different teams.

In the year of military service he played in Cuneo and then made his Serie A debut in Lanerossi Vicenza on December 26, 1957 in Vicenza-Genoa (3-3). In the 1958-1959 championship the coach Lerici immediately launched him as the owner.

He dressed the red and white jersey 219 times and scored 11 eleven goals. Returning to Schio for a year, he definitely hung up his shoes after a season in Trento. He coached several amateur teams (Ansa and Wikipedia sources).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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