Gigi Radice is dead, as coach he won the last Scudetto of Turin

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Gigi Radice is dead, as coach he won the last Scudetto of Turin

ROME – World of mourning football for the death of Gigi Radice . The coach of the last Scudetto of Torino, the only one of the after Superga in 1976, was 83 years old. He had been ill with Alzheimer's for some time. Among the most innovative coaches of his time, he also led Inter, Milan, Bologna, Rome and Fiorentina.

Class of 1935 and Lombard of Cesano Maderno, from left-back he wore the jerseys of Milan, Triestina and Padova, while as a technician he drove Monza, Treviso, Cesena, Fiorentina, Cagliari, Turin, Bologna, Milan, Bari, Inter, Rome, Genoa and Monza .

Particularly related to him are the Torino fans, to whom he gave their last championship in the 1975-76 season.

After a career full of successes as a player with the Milan shirt, with which he won three championships and the Champions Cup of 1963, Radice went on the bench, importing in Italy the total football born in the Netherlands.

Only two weeks ago some Italian champions of Torino 1976 gathered for the presentation of ' Gigi Radice. The footballer, the coach, the ice-eyed man , the book that tells his story written by Francesco Bramardo and Gino Strippoli.

"The mantra was 'we are not here to make fun of the people but we have to offer a nice and fun football'", reads the text that recalls some of his statements.

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