Gigi D’Alessio defends Ancelotti: “He made Napoli a great team”

Gigi D'Alessio Ancelotti Napoli grande squadra tecnico non va criticato

Gigi D'Alessio in the photo Ansa

MILAN – Gigi D'Alessio was in Milan to present his new music album entitled "Noi due" with duets with Fiorella Mannoia, Giusy Ferreri, Emis Killa, Luché and Guè Pequeno. Among other things, he also talked about football and his passion for Naples.

Gigi D'Alessio sided with the sword in the role of Carlo Ancelotti, a technician who was recently criticized by De Laurentiis for his excessive turnover. The statements of the Neapolitan singer are reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I love Ancelotti, he is a great coach and he has shown his value and the qualities he has everywhere. We give time to time, Napoli is a great team, it must go on its way. And we must not blame anyone ".

Gigi D'Alessio obviously also talked about music.

"At my first time in Sanremo, they didn't want me to sing in Neapolitan, but after changing the words of a sentence, I sang it on stage as it should have been."
The story is told by Gigi D'Alessio, about his first participation in the Sanremo Festival, when the song in the competition was' Never tell him 'that today is twenty years old and is in the lineup of the new D'Alessio album,' The two of us, due out Friday.

"From that song on – my Neapolitan voice said – my life has changed. But it took so many years to overcome the prejudices against my music.
It also took twenty-seven years before we could think of an album with important duets ".

The studio work that D'Alessio refers to is precisely the one coming out on Friday and containing several collaborations: if the album line opens with 'Domani vedrai', the single that anticipated the release of the album with his Mediterranean sounds, in 'Non sono parole' he put the hand Giusy Ferreri, while for 'L'ammore' Gigi D'Alessio thought of the voice of Fiorella Mannoia who ventured into Neapolitan words.

"It was a sort of challenge – the voice of the new 'What you really want to tell" – because once I heard her say that she sang all the great songwriters but she would also sing one of my songs if I suggested it to her. So I did and when I revealed the text I also saw it moved ".

'La Milano da bere' is instead the title chosen for the collaboration with rapper Emis Killa, while with Guè Pequeno, D'Alessio wanted to sing 'Quanto amore si give'. "These are collaborations born out of frequentation – explained the singer-songwriter – especially in Milan". Another collaboration in rap sauce is the one that ended on the record with the title of 'Come me', a surprising duet with Luchè.

"At the beginning we wanted to sing in Neapolitan – said D'Alessio – but in the end we decided to do something new and make a duet in which two Neapolitans sing in Italian". That of the rappers, for D'Alessio, was a precise choice, aimed at confronting a musical universe apparently very far from his own.

"I wanted to open up to let them enter my world – explained the author of 'Puorteme cute', this one too in the new album – but I must say that during my career I managed to get to the duets with international musicians, rather than Italian ones ”.

On the occasion of the twenty years of his symbolic song, 'Never say to him', D'Alessio wanted to include this title in the lineup in his new work, but choosing a version made with the London Symphony Orchestra.

"Today my music is experiencing a second era and if for twenty-seven years I have reached this point without positive criticism – D'Alessio joked – now that we also speak well of myself I would not want things to change".

In terms of live music, Gigi D'Alessio will be back on stage with Nino D'Angelo with the show 'Sons of a lesser king', which after the success of the concert last September in Naples, will repeat again in the city of Naples ( Palapartenope, 26 December), then in Milan (Mediolanum Forum, 20 January) and in Rome (Sports Palace, 24 January) (sources Ansa and La Gazzetta dello Sport).

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