Gigi Buffon and the interview with “Vanity Fair”: “The manganellata received by the police? I was at the toll and … “

Gigi Buffon and the interview with "Vanity Fair": "The manganellata received by the police? I was at the toll and ..." (photo Ansa)

Gigi Buffon and the interview with "Vanity Fair": "The manganellata received by the police? I was at the toll and … "(photo Ansa)

ROME – Interviewed by "Vanity Fair", Gigi Buffon talks about childhood memories and … extreme situations:

"I was ultra – tells the number one of the PSG – Commando Ultrà Indian Tips, the name of the group of fans who followed the Carrarese, I still printed it on my gloves. I met people that are talked about so much without knowing anything. Normal boys, dreamers, idealists. Some interesting people and some idiots … As a boy I was harboring a feeling of omnipotence and invincibility. I felt indestructible, I thought I could exceed, to do what I wanted. I hold tightly the healthy folly of my twenties. I made my cazz … I tasted it and in a way I'm glad I did not forget one. "

"The baton received from the police? It is a story that dates back to twenty years ago. After a game I gave a pass to a Parma fan. At the tollbooth there was a police checkpoint. As soon as he saw the blue lights, he vanished. I was the only one compared to them ".

"Drugs? I carefully avoided drugging myself and doping myself, at most a cane. If anything I remember the cloud of smoke that surrounds the fans of the Casertana, a fog caused not by smoke, but by 200 pipes smoked all together: it is as if I saw it now ".

Depression chapter. He admitted that he suffered at the peak of his career, when he was 25 and played in Juventus: "For a few months everything lost meaning. It seemed to me that people were not interested in Gigi, but only Buffon: the champion I was incarnating. It was a really complicated moment, even though I was 25 years old and I was successful and notorious ". Also in this case Buffon tells an episode in particular: "A few minutes before a championship game I approached goalkeepers, Bordon, and asked him to warm Chimenti. I told him that I did not feel like playing because I had a panic attack and could not support the game. I came out of it – explains Buffon – sharing that fog with the others. I realized that that moment was a watershed and I should not be afraid to show my weaknesses, nor to cry. "

National Chapter. "Ventura? To say that we have opposed footballers is a colossal bale, on our side there has always been maximum availability: we have defended it on every occasion. It's true – adds Buffon – that at a certain point he felt lonely. But perhaps support had to be there from those in duty. But as a football teacher, Ventura really liked me ".

Buffon is not afraid to talk about more serious and current topics such as the reception of migrants: "If a boat sinks in Lampedusa and die 300 people we are moved and we also think about adopting the children left orphans, but if it does not sink we complain entry of 300 immigrants and we ask ourselves what they are doing ". Strong words also on the clashes in Milan that caused the death of an ultrà, Daniele Belardinelli: "It is difficult to try to contextualize what happened in Milan. Hatred is an obscene wind, from any part spiri, not only in a stadium because I have the strong suspicion that football, in all this, only acts as a pretext ".

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