Gianni Morandi: “Mihajlovic excited me. Even the Verona fans applauded him “

Mihajlovic Gianni Morandi emozionato tifosi del Verona anche

Mihajlovic is back on the bench (photo Ansa)

BOLOGNA – Gianni Morandi , former honorary president of Bologna and a big rossoblù fan, was excited by the unexpected presence of Sinisa Mihajlovic on the bench of his favorite team. His statements are reported by Sky Sport.

"Last night I was in Verona to see the first Bologna league match. Incredible surprise came Sinisa Mihajlovic, the coach who, as you know, is suffering from acute leukemia, and who wanted to be close to his players for this start, against the advice of doctors, risking a lot. A brave, strong man who is fighting a tough battle to cure his illness, but he wanted to be there. We were all excited and in the end a huge applause also from the Verona fans. What courage. Forza Sinisa ”.

In reality, Mihajlovic did not act on his own but scrupulously complied with the indications provided by the doctors.

"Sinisa has proven to be an exemplary patient. He did everything he was told and advised, he never took away from the advice ". Professor Michele Cavo, director of Hematology at the Sant'Orsola hospital, describes the behavior of the Serbian coach of Bologna, who is being treated for leukemia. Reconstructing the dialogue that led Mihajlovic to follow the team in the first match of the season, yesterday in Verona, Cavo explained that on Thursday the coach had "shown him a very strong desire to be on the pitch". On Friday there were "further signs of improvement then I told him to organize, but that I would have reserved to give him the final okay between Saturday and Sunday".
Mihajlovic "was compliant with the recommendations I had given him: he wore the mask when he was in the car with the driver. The advice I gave him was to show up on the court with no face to face, since the risks there would have been lower ”(source Ansa).

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