Gervinho makes Parma fly in the Europa League area, a precious success against Sassuolo

Gervinho fa volare il Parma in zona Europa League, successo prezioso contro il Sassuolo

Gervinho makes Parma fly in the Europa League area, a valuable success against Sassuolo

PARMA – Parma does not stop anymore. After having scrambled the Torino, D'Aversa's team also beats Sassuolo and flies high, up in the Europa League area. Merit of a technician who guesses all the moves and neutralizes the maneuver of Sassuolo. De Zerbi can do nothing against the speed of Gervinho and the day of English and Siligardi. But it is Parma's defense to do the hardest work and to concede the opponents only on a penalty kick.

The Parma thus also conquers the regional primacy and rises to twenty. The crusaders could really start looking up but the analysis at the end of the coach and players will always be the same: an important victory, yes, but only for salvation. So in Parma we continue to 'fly low' even if D'Aversa's team played the best 45 minutes of the season; a perfect first time with the sole exclusion of the penalty created by Babacar. Only 120 seconds and Barillà bowl in the middle of the penalty area for English that puts a little high.

Four minutes later Barillà always hits the area in the area for Gervinho and the attacker scores. The first shot of the former Romanist, to be honest, is rejected in two stages by Consigli but the Crusader striker is faster than everyone and reiterates on the net. On 25 'the doubling crossed with Bruno Alves. The stone, however, does not react: the goal, however, the Modena get it equally thanks to a highly contested rigor. At 36 'fall in the Magnani area and Babacar. Referee Valeri whistles the penalty for a restraining of Alves on the former Fiorentina striker. The contact is there, but the race director still consults the Var. The decision is confirmed by the same Babacar to realize from the disk.

No penalty, however, at 42 'when he resorts to television images for an alleged foul of hands in the Parma area. Bastoni hits the ball with his arm but Valeri decides for involuntary. The recovery begins with a decidedly different pace and with Parma that administers giving little to the adversaries. In the 15th minute, De Zerbi tries to change something, inserting Sensi, fresh from national debut, and Djuricic attack for Boateng. Five minutes later Parma responded by inserting Biabiany for Siligardi.

The Sassuolo is seen with two shots of Berardi, completely out of scale, and with Matri, entered for Duncan, well repelled in the corner by Sepe. The Parma goalkeeper instead makes Tardini's audience tremble on the 42nd minute when he badly rejects a Sassuolo throw and is almost fooled by Babacar. However, Alves saves the result on the goal line.

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